World Food Day

World Food Day (World Food Day), celebrated annually October 16, was proclaimed in 1979. The holiday provides an occasion to reflect on what has been done and what remains to be done to address the global problem — getting rid of humanity from hunger.

The date was chosen as the date of the Day of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO) October 16, 1945.

For the first time countries officially proclaimed one of the most important tasks of eradicating hunger in the world and the creation of conditions for the development of sustainable agriculture, which would be able to feed the world's population .

found that hunger and malnutrition undermine the gene pool of whole continents. Children in the "Third World" are born and grow feeble behind in mental development. They are not able to concentrate in class at school.

The event includes various charity events that are important to alleviate the plight of the "third world." Active members of the public in this day take part in various congresses and conferences.

The holiday is also of great educational value and help citizens learn about the difficult food situation in some countries. On this day, various peace organizations delivering assistance to areas affected by natural disasters and natural calamities.

Since 1981, World Food Day was accompanied by a specific, different for each year, the theme. This was done in order to shed light on problems that require immediate solutions and focus the company to priorities.

The theme in 2000 was the words: A Millennium Free from Hunger (millennium free from hunger). It is noteworthy that the theme for World Food Day in 2009, were the words: Achieving food security in times of crisis (Achieving food security in times of crisis).

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