International White Cane Day

international community marked on calendars of many significant and memorable dates. Among them — the International White Cane Day (International White Cane Safety Day). This — not a holiday. This is — a kind of sign of trouble, reminding the community of the existence of people around the disabled, for assistance and solidarity.

International White Cane Day — a symbol of a blind man — was installed in the United States October 15, 1970 at the initiative of the International Federation of the Blind (International Federation of the Blind). In the UK, the first day was marked by October 15, 1979.

All-Russian Society for the Blind has joined the Day of the white cane in 1987.

Story white cane as a symbol of blindness begins in 1921. In the British city of Bristol (Bristol) was a young professional photographer James Biggs (James Biggs), who after the accident had lost his sight. We had to start a new life, and he began to learn to walk alone in the city with a cane. But he soon realized that his black cane does not react any passers-by or drivers. Then he painted his cane white. And it has become apparent. This innovation is taken up by all blind people, not only in England, but also across Europe, America, and later Russia.

Recall that in the international calendar is still days that call for society to not forget about the people who need the most simple support — it International Day of the Deaf, celebrated on the last Sunday of September, International Day of the Blind November 13, International Day of Disabled Persons.