International Day of Rural Women

Rural women make up more than a quarter of the world population. They play a leading role in food production, the development of stability in rural areas. But despite this, they are often unable to protect their right to land, access to essential services such as medical care, or education loans. Their vital contribution to public life in many countries remains invisible.

International Rural Women's Day (International Day of Rural Women), celebrated annually on October 15, called remind the public just how much it owes to rural women how valuable their work.

The idea of ??holding the World Rural Women's Day was proposed at the 4th UN Conference on Women, held in 1995 in Beijing. Holding this day was seen as a practical way of obtaining public recognition and support of the multiple roles of rural women. In the end, it was decided that the World Rural Women's Day is celebrated every year on October 15.

Exactly how to celebrate this day — entirely decide for themselves interested organizations and communities. But every year, all events are held under the auspices of the current slogan for rural women, whether it's access to credit, to information and communications technology, or clean water.