Global Handwashing Day

«Wash your hands before you eat!" — posters with such calls hung in many Soviet canteens, reminding visitors of the necessary pre-dinner ritual hygiene. From the walls of modern cafes and restaurants strict posters do not look at us, but the call to "wash their hands" sounds today on a more global scale. UN Children's Fund officially launched 15 October World Day of handwashing (Global Handwashing Day).

It would seem that the question of whether to wash their own hands — this is a personal person, and everyone can solve it because of its cleanliness and education. On the other hand, experts say the United Nations and the World Health Organization, the problem of dirty hands can have disastrous effects, when viewed on a global scale.

A dirty hands into the human body fall pathogens such terrible diseases as cholera, viral pneumonia, hepatitis, influenza and SARS. "Dirty Hands" is one of the main causes of infant mortality in Africa and Asia. And so simple hygienic procedure as a normal hand washing, saving thousands of children's lives every day. It not only helps to prevent infecting organism malicious viruses and infections, but also makes our lives more comfortable, pleasant and safe.

The goal scale events organized on this day with the support of the United Nations around the world (emphasis on countries in Asia, Africa and South America), — to draw public attention to the need for this simple but very important hygienic procedure.

In many countries, the Day of hand washing by the media is given a national hygiene campaigns start, students hand out Information brochures. Do not do without the kind of record. So, a few years ago on October 15 Bangladeshis held a grand number of participants share — across the country simultaneously washed their hands 53,000 people.

In Russia this day has not yet received such wide distribution. However, thinking about this holiday, it is useful to parents will tell their children about the reasons for its occurrence, and that is why you need to wash your hands.