Day of pharmaceutical and microbiological industry of Belarus

Presidential Decree number 157 of 26 March 1998 states that:

In order to streamline public holidays, public holidays and anniversaries celebrated in the Republic of Belarus, to ensure common approaches to their establishment and implementation of, and in accordance with paragraph 18 of Article 84 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus decree: set in recognition of employees certain professions, economic sectors and activities Day of pharmaceutical and microbiological industry — October 15.

State Research Institute of Microbiology of the National Academy of Sciences specializes in the study of physiological, biochemical and genetic bases for the use of microorganisms in biotechnological processes and the development of biotechnology for industry, agriculture, medicine and the environment.

also run a few microbiological enterprises, among them — the different production of chemical industry and others that produce pharmaceutical products.

All employees Belarusian pharmaceutical industry — with a holiday!