Amanda Valentine's Day — the patron saint of winemakers and brewers (Day of the bartender )

6 February celebrated Valentine's Day Amanda (St. Amand or Amandus, approx. 584-675), one of the great Christian apostles, who is the patron saint of winemakers, brewers, merchants, and restaurateurs and bartenders (bartenders).

St. Amand was known for his work of evangelization wine regions of France, Germany and Flanders.

International Day bartender (International Bartender's Day) — a professional holiday, which is celebrated on February 6th Day St. Amanda, was in many professional holiday bartenders and restaurateurs.

In Russia this holiday is the last time, too, caught on and every year it becomes more and more popular. Craft bartender no coincidence honored with his own holiday calendar.

Profession these people are less severe than bus drivers, teachers and firefighters. Sometimes bartenders spend on their feet almost the whole day, in addition, they are excellent psychologists, and often guess the favorite drink of the customer at a glance.