World Standards Day

On this day in 1946 in London, an national conference standards organizations. 25 countries, including the USSR, were represented by 65 delegates. The result of their work was the decision creation of the International Organization for Standardization — International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

In 1970, ISO President Mr. Farooq Sunter (Turkey) has proposed October 14 as World Standards Day (World Standards Day) in order to emphasize the importance of standardization to the world economy.

Standardization — the establishment and application of the rules in order to streamline operations in a particular area for the benefit of and with the participation of all stakeholders, in particular, to achieve overall optimal economies subject to the conditions and requirements of functional safety.

objects of standardization are to specific products, standards, requirements, methods, terminology, symbols, etc., with the prospect of multiple applications that are used in science, engineering, industrial and agricultural production, construction, transport, culture, public health and other sectors of the national economy, as well as in international trade.

Standardization significantly affect the pace of development and the level of production. Based on the latest achievements of science, technology and practical experience, standardization largely determines not only the current level of production, but is one of the drivers of progress in science and technology.

In some countries, workers are also marked the days of this fine profession : October 10 in Ukraine — Day of Standardization and Metrology, October 24 in Kyrgyzstan — Day of Standardization and Metrology.