Day of Culture of Belarus

Over the long history of the Belarusian people formed a rich and unique cultural heritage.

Belarus has significant historical and cultural potential of the presented objects of architecture, urbanism, art, archeology, park complexes, museum and book collections. There are more than 15,000 historical monuments.

Names of Belarusian historical figures, artists, science, culture, known far beyond the country.

They include Barbara Radziwill, Grand Duchess Queen of Poland,
, the national hero of Belarus, the USA and Poland.

great contribution to world science has made , who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2000. It is widely known name , recognized scientist who has studied the biological effects of the sun and the universe, including the ratio of solar activity and periods of war in human history.

Among the artists who were born in Belarus — the artist , writer 2080 Vasil Bykov.

On this day, would like to congratulate all cultural workers on their professional holiday! Express their sincere respect and appreciation for their dedicated work. Pleasant stay and positive emotions are necessary not only to fans of the talent of actors, directors, musicians, dancers, directors and exemplary folk groups, but also by the creators of beauty and good mood.