Day of the agriculture and food processing industry

Day of agriculture and processing industry established by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation number 679 of the 31 May 1999 "On the bottom of the employee's agriculture and processing industry" and is celebrated annually on the second Sunday in October.

On this day, congratulated not only workers in agriculture and processing industries, but also all those who, from dawn to dusk, seven days a week and holidays working on the land, growing vegetables and bread, delivers on our tables milk, meat and other food products.

An excerpt from the speech of Vladimir Putin at the solemn meeting devoted to the Day of workers of agriculture and processing industry:

«... These days, agriculture has become a profitable industry. Significantly decreased the number of loss-making enterprises. We have forgotten that once for seasonal work in the village checking out the entire urban population. Today, the village is not active, students and researchers, and the labor market. This is — a very strong, important for us to sign. After all, agriculture — primarily sector of the Russian economy. And he has to live under the laws of its development.

And I still want to say that for Russia such indicators — while not the biggest success. Our country has a huge potential. We have a unique national resource — rich land. We have almost half of the world's topsoil. The world map is no longer such a country. And in this land of peasant lives and works almost a third of the Russian ... ".