International Day for Disaster Reduction

International Day for Disaster Reduction is observed annually on October 13. And for the first time it has been marked in accordance with UN General Assembly resolution on December 22 in 1989, as the International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction, in the framework of the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction) — 1990-1999.

In 1999, the UN General Assembly decided to continue to celebrate this date every year as the International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction on the second Wednesday of October as a means of promoting a global culture of natural disaster reduction, including prevention disaster mitigation and preparedness.

21 December 2009, the General Assembly, in its resolution 64/200, decided to designate 13 October as the date of celebration of the Day and changed its name to the International Day for Disaster Reduction. The aim of the Day is to raise awareness of how people are taking steps to reduce the risk of disasters.

International Strategy for Disaster Reduction aims, above all, the purpose of bringing to the attention of the general public on the importance of preventing and advocacy work among the people and communities who are most at risk of becoming a victim of natural, environmental and man-made disasters on available funds for the prevention of hazards from escalating into catastrophe.

The number of victims of earthquakes, cyclones, floods and droughts is increasing rapidly. According to the UN, in 2004, about 250,000 people were victims of natural disasters. This is three times more than in 2003 and nearly 10 times greater than 2002.

In addition, according to the International Federation of the Red Cross, the figure is three times the annual average for the period 1994 to 2003.

The story captured the major flooding in the capital of the Russian state — in St. Petersburg in 1824 and in Moscow in 1908.

Many seismically unstable areas regularly exposed to earthquakes, — Caucasus, Central Asia, {some areas of China / event}, {event-Japan 852}.

On average, natural disasters killed 184 people a day. According to forecasts, due to urbanization and climate change on the planet toll will rise. Millions of lives could be saved if the government will do more to prevent and reduce the risk of disasters.