Festival of Pilar in Zaragoza

Pilar Festival (Las Fiestas del Pilar) is held annually in Zaragoza in honor of the Virgin of Pilar, which is considered the patron of the city and the whole of Aragon. Typically, the festival is held in the week, which falls 12 October (celebrations begin on the weekend before this afternoon and end on Sunday after).

On the eve of the festival is one of the honored guests of the city hall reads appeal to the Aragonese, which praised the region and its history. Typically, this role choose a famous actor or director.

The first information about the festival date back to the year 1723. At that time, in addition to religious ceremonies, festival events included the buffoonery, festivities and an integral part of any Spanish celebration — bullfight. In 1807, Pilar was recognized as an official holiday.

Men in traditional dress lay at the feet of statue of the Virgin Mary with a basket of flowers and fruit (www.turispain.com) C 1873 to this day held a parade horse, and from 1894 — Jota dance competition. In the 20th century the most significant innovations in the program of the festival were two traditions — Laying Laying flowers and fruits. And to this day, thousands of people from around the world, dressed in folk costumes, go to the statue of the Virgin Mary, to lay at her feet with a basket of flowers and fruit.

Another festival tradition — the parade of huge dolls " Gigantes y Cabezudos┬╗. Already in the Middle Ages in a festive procession involved four dolls that represent parts of the world. In the mid-19th century, the number increased to eight dolls.

In addition, during the festival of Pilar in Zaragoza parks celebrated another holiday — autumn "Oktoberfest". In large tents, visitors are offered a variety of snacks and beer.