Feast of Our Lady phenomena in Brazil

annually 12 October in Brazil celebrate the national holiday of the religious phenomenon of the Virgin (Nossa Senhora de Aparecida / Holy Mary's Day).

in 1717, three fishermen on the banks of the river Para?ba (Paraiba) learned from their networks terracotta statuette of a height of 40 centimeters, which is believed to be a phenomenon of the holy image of the Virgin. Next 15 years, the image is in the house of one of the fishermen Filipe Pedroso.

hearing about the miracle gradually spread far beyond the area for worship and prayer has come a lot of people. Over time, the image of the Virgin Mary was placed in the temple.

September 8 in 1904 on the orders of Pope Pius X face of the Virgin Mary has been added called the crown and the queen of Brazil — Rainha do Brasil. In 1930, Pope Pius XI proclaimed the Virgin Mary, the patron saint of Brazil.

Today in the town of Aparecida ( S?o Paulo state ) built a huge temple ( and Bas