Tarkmanchats — holiday translator

Holiday interpreter — Tarkmanchats — a tribute to the Armenian people Armenian Literature and Culture.

This day is dedicated to the remarkable figures of the opening of the Armenian writing and art. The Armenian Apostolic Church, based on the feelings of the people of devotees, ranked among the Fathers of the Church Honored spiritual and cultural education, and twice a year celebrating their day.

At the end of June or beginning of July holiday Mesrop Mashtots and Sahak Partev, celebrated in Oshakan. In October is the day of Mesrop Mashtots and trained them to translators.

Mesrop Mashtots (c. 361/362 — 440) — a monk, a linguist, cozdatel Armenian alphabet and the founder of the Armenian alphabet, the first translator, teacher and founder of the first Armenian school.

Cchitaetsya that the Armenian alphabet was created in 405 AD by Mesrop Mashtots, a priest based on the Greek and Semitic letters (some scholars believe that Mesrop Mashtots only codified and popularized more ancient Armenian alphabet). In 1921 and 1940 several alphabet was changed (the reform of 1940 almost completely abolished the innovations in 1921).

Armenian alphabet originally consisted of 36 letters — seven of which were vowels, and 29 letters — consonants. In the 12th century have been added two more letters. Linguists call the Armenian alphabet by one of the three most advanced in the world.

It is believed that (as is the case with the Cyrillic alphabet), the backbone of Mashtots alphabet was used in Armenia long before the "inventor" (as the ancient Semitic version of the letter). There is also a hypothesis that it was canceled with the adoption of Christianity, and Mashtots initiated its recovery and nationalization.