Day of the Spanish language

Day of the Spanish language was in the international calendar of dates on the initiative of the Department of United Nations Office for Public Affairs. In 2010, the unit has proposed to establish holidays for each of the six official languages ??of the UN.

Day Spanish language since there is October 12. On the same day, have two more holiday — the Day of the Virgin of Pilar and Hispanidad Day every year who become great national event. Originally a holiday in honor of Our Lady of Pilar was celebrated in Aragon — one of the historical regions of Spain. According to legend, the Holy Virgin appeared to the apostle Santiago, standing on a pillar (Spanish for "Column» — «pilar»), hence the nickname of her. Over time, the cult of Our Lady of Pilar has become one of the most revered in Catholic Spain.

In 1913, the well-known businessman and public figure Faustino Rodriguez San Pedro invited to celebrate the October 12th is another holiday — the Day of the Spanish race, or "Fiesta de la Hispanidad. " One of the meanings of the word "Hispanidad" — the community, the Hispanic community of nations — takes us back to imperial times, when Spain was under the rule of much of the world.

Today, the Spanish influence can be seen in many countries. In Spanish, according to various estimates, said 450 to 500 million people — the people of Spain itself, the U.S., Mexico, Latin and South America, some countries in Africa.

Spanish — the official language of the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union, the Organization of American States.

It is assumed that the Day of the Spanish language in the UN Secretariat must pass a variety of events — concerts national artists, exhibitions, competitions, exhibitions, popular science and language lessons.