World Day of eggs

In many countries of the world on the second Friday in October is World Day eggs (World Egg Day) — a holiday for all lovers of eggs, omelets, casseroles and egg ... nothing surprising in this. After all the eggs — the most versatile food product, they are popular in cooking all countries and cultures, largely due to the fact that their use can be quite varied.

History of the holiday is the following: in 1996, at a conference in Vienna International Egg Commission (International Egg Commission) announced that to celebrate World "egg" festival will be the second Friday of October. The Commission argues that there are at least a dozen reasons to celebrate the Day of the eggs, and many countries, and especially the manufacturers of egg products, readily responded to the idea of ??celebrating the feast of eggs.

Eggs — the most versatile food product (Photo: sarsmis, Shutterstock) Over the last decade of the eggs has been said a lot of bad but recent research has shown that absolutely no need to avoid eating eggs. They contain a lot of essential body nutrients, including essential vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants, which help to some diseases. And, contrary to popular belief, eggs do not raise cholesterol levels. So eat one egg a day is even possible.

Interestingly, according to some estimates, the global leader in the consumption of eggs recognize Japan. Every resident of the Rising Sun eats, on average, one egg a day — even in Japan, there is a famous children's song "tamago, tamago!" In this competition, the Russians still lagging far behind. Experts believe the reason for all — the diversity of intermediate goods and fast food.

The Americans have expressed their respect this precious product, spending annually days of the giant omelette.