Day of standardization and metrology in Ukraine

Day of Standardization and Metrology celebrated annually in Ukraine October 10 on the basis of the Presidential Decree number 910/2002 of the October 8 in 2002.

On the Law of Ukraine "On standardization ", which sets out the legal and organizational basis of standardization in the Ukraine and is aimed at providing a unified technical policy in this area.

The law states that the purpose of standardization in Ukraine is to provide security to the life and health of humans, animals, plants, as well as property and the environment, creating conditions for the management of all types of national resources and standardization of objects to their purpose, to facilitate the removal of technical barriers to trade.

This law regulates the relations connected with the activities in the field of standardization and application of its results, and applies to business entities regardless of ownership and activities, public authorities, as well as relevant non-governmental organizations.

This Act does not apply to nuclear materials, pharmaceutical products, standards of care, accounting, education, and other social standards, the scope of which is set by relevant laws.

Recall that annually 14 October {holiday-celebrated 1587 World Standards Day} {/ holiday}. It was on this day in 1946 in London by the Institute of Civil Engineers opened the conference of national standards bodies. The result of this work was the foundation of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) — the new International Organization for Standardization.