World Post Day

Today — World Post Day (World Post Day) — one of the international days celebrated in the United Nations. 14 held by the decision of the Congress of the Universal Postal Union (Universal Postal Union) on the day a union in 1874. A World Day of mail that day was proclaimed by the Congress of the World Union of postmen, held in Tokyo in 1969.

9 October 1874 in Bjorn (Switzerland) by representatives of 22 countries, including Russia, signed the Berne Treaty establishing base-General Postal Union. In 1878, the union changed its name and became known as the Universal Postal Union (UPU). To date, AMS has a membership of 189 countries. All over the world, starting from October 9, holds the International Letter Writing Week.

According to the UPU, international post says 6800 languages ??of their customers and is the longest network in the world of physical delivery of mail. It is designed to provide reliable, efficient and economical transportation of goods and the exchange of ideas. Mail transmits personal thoughts friends over long distances. It helps businesses of all sizes to find customers and meet their needs.

Russia, celebrating Day of Russian Post on the second Sunday of July — one of the oldest members of this influential international organization. Network of federal mail service includes 42,000 objects, including more than 40,000 post offices, postal units in 1860, nearly 100 post offices and covers 99% of its services to the country.

However, today's poor quality of postal services in Russia is largely due to the imperfection of the legal structure of the federal postal communication network consisting of 10 legally independent of government agencies and 82 regional offices of the federal postal service having full economic independence.

In Currently, the world is in the process of reforming postal services. In this process, including Russia.

Modern-mail in many industrialized countries are actively working in the field of logistics, postal and banking services, catalog sales and direct mail, is actively developing information technology, hybrid mail and e- commerce.

Interestingly, the world's first postage stamps appeared in England in 1840, and first stamps in Russia appeared in 1857.