Day commander of surface, underwater and air craft

Since 2007, the troops of the Navy Russia was more than one occasion — October 8 Day is celebrated commander of the surface, underwater and air ship. The commander is directly in charge of the entire personnel of the ship and is responsible for the successful fulfillment of the tasks set by the ship, and the organization of interaction of the compound with the ships and other forces.

Chief of the Navy signed a decree "On the introduction of the annual celebration of the Day of the Military commander Navy ", which is celebrated annually on the day of the sea battle of Navarino (October 8), which scored the battleship" Azov "under the command of Captain First Rank Mikhail Lazarev.

naval battle of Navarino — battle of the Greek national War of 1821-1832 years, one of the major sea battles — was held on 8 October (according to the article. style), 1827. Location — the bay of Navarino (Navarino Bay), located on the west coast of the Peloponnese peninsula (Peloponnese).

Participants battle — combined fleet of Russia, Britain and France on the one hand, and the Turkish-Egyptian fleet — with other. The squadron Russia, Britain and France defeated the Ottoman fleet, which had a decisive influence on the outcome of the national struggle of the Greek people for their independence.

For military exploits battleship "Azov" for the first time in the Russian Navy were awarded George (Guards) flag and pennant. On the "Azov" during the battle proved to be, the future Russian naval commanders, heroes of Sinop and the defense of Sevastopol 1854-1855 period: Lieutenant , Midshipman midshipman Vladimir Ivanovich Istomin.

The initiator of the Day, commander of surface, underwater and air craft were veterans 'organizations, and petitioned the regional public organization of the Navy admirals and generals' Admirals Club. "