World Day of the dwelling

Every year, the first Monday in October is a holiday established by the UN — World Habitat Day. One of the closest in meaning to the Russian translation can be — World Day of the home (residence). In 1985, in accordance with the recommendation of the Commission on Human Settlements, the United Nations General Assembly established this World Day to provide housing for the world's population by 2000.

Since 1996, the World Day of the home is dated and World Day of Architecture.

The problems of housing and living conditions have been raised since the first UN conference on sustainable community development in Vancouver, Canada in 1976. Since then, the world has changed, but the housing shortage, poverty, pollution and diseases do not lose their sharpness, rather the opposite.

In his address, in connection with the World Day of the home in 1999 on the theme "Cities for All" UN Secretary-General said that all city residents — young and old, rich and poor, men and women — must have the opportunity to speak in decision-making affecting their lives, and noted that when local authorities support the genuine partnership with civil society, including the urban poor, it is beneficial to the whole surroundings.

Today's "apartment" holiday, of course, calls attention to all of the above problems.