World Day of Architecture

architects today have a professional holiday — Day of Architecture (World Architecture Day). On the first Monday of October of architects all over the world celebrate their professional holiday.

This holiday was established by the International Union of Architects (UIA). In 1985, at a meeting of ACI was decided to celebrate the annual World Day of Architecture on the first Monday of July.

In 1996, the International Union of Architects at its 20th General Assembly in Barcelona, ??passed a resolution to postpone the celebration of the World Day of Architecture on the first Monday in October.

The International Union of Architects was established immediately after the Second World War. Then his goal was to permit the urgent problems of reconstruction of war-torn cities, settlements and industrial enterprises — the consequences of the Second World War. Union of Architects of the USSR was one of the founders of the ISA and an active participant in its activities. Now MCA has about a hundred national sections and more than a million architects.

Design the architecture of cities — a necessary and difficult to work with in 1950 one-third of the world's inhabitants live in cities. Just 50 years later, this figure had risen to one-half and will continue to grow to two-thirds (6,000,000,000) people in 2050. Thus, cities are now home to half of humankind.

Traditionally on this day architects all over the world gather at the conference, in which they discuss the conditions and the results of their practice, discuss the challenges of architectural education, organize creative discussions . On this day, organized the exhibition. Every year a certain holiday theme.