Day of the staff divisions of the Interior Ministry

7 October has one of the holidays MIA — Day of the staff divisions in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

According to data provided by the information department of police, October 7, 1918 at the General Directorate of workers and peasants police NKVD were formed Instructors and information departments.

Soon they were joined in the Instructor-inspection department, which then became part formed at the end of 1919 the General Inspectorate of Police Department.

In 1934, after Education NKVD, was established Home Inspection NKVD, which lasted until 1957. During the late 1960's — early 1980's staff service has been substantially reformed: in 1968-1969 Organizational Inspection units were established all over the place, and in 1971-1972, converted to the headquarters. By the end of 1982 the headquarters functioned in all ministries and departments of the Interior.

Currently, the task is to ensure the Staff of police command and control in solving crimes of "hot pursuit" of anti-terrorist, preventive operations , socio-political, cultural and other events, liaison with the interaction with other forces and agencies.