Day of the Constitution of Mexico

National Day of Mexico — Day of the Constitution (Constitution Day in Mexico ) — in honor of the adoption of the Constitution in 1857 and 1917 — is celebrated in the country on the first Monday in February.

Historically, that in Mexico there were three main laws: the Constitution of 1824 established a federal system, which has become a model for the U.S. federal system, the Constitution of 1857 provided many of the political and civil rights, and, finally, the current Constitution, proclaimed February 5, 1917, has maintained a liberal democratic nature, but also contained a revolutionary situation.

Under with the Constitution of 1917 the officials of all the major political organizations have been denied the right to re-election for a second term, and the Constitution is largely strengthened executive power.

New Mexican Constitution was the main outcome of the revolution. One of the leaders of the Mexican Revolution V.Karranza (Venustiano Carranza de la Garza, 1859-1920), the remaining winner, gave the reforms promised in his revolutionary decrees into law. The text of the document is basically repeated the provisions of the constitution in 1857, but added to them three principal articles.

Article 3 provides for the introduction of universal free primary education, Article 27 declares that all land, water and subsoil in Mexico national property and declared the need to partition large latifundia and established the principles and procedure of the agrarian reform, Article 123 to include basic labor, including the establishment of an eight-hour working day, abolition of child labor, protection of labor rights of women.

Mexico consists of 31 states and one federal district. Constitution gave states the authority which has no central authority, although in practice the Mexican states have limited real power. The adoption of the constitution in 1917 aggravated the relations between the two countries, as a number of articles infringe upon the interests of North American companies in Mexico.