Day archivist Belarus

6 October in Belarus marks Day archivist. The first central state archive on the territory of modern Belarus Vitebsk was a central repository of ancient documentary books, which began its work in 1863.

Currently, the archival storage of the country is more than 12 million documents. Service in charge of the preservation of the documentary heritage of Belarus, developed and widely branched. A total of 169 archival sphere is subordinate organizations. In the archives of Belarus to find information about the history, material and spiritual culture of the Belarusian people, information on genealogy.

There are also two research institutions: Belarusian Research Institute of Records Management and Archives and Belarusian Research Online Documentation Center.

For the convenience of researchers storage assets, including film, photos and records are transferred in digital form. And for the general reader who is interested in the history of his native country, are published regularly trained professionals archives collections of documents.

In 2006 came the first Belarusian Encyclopedia "Archivists Belarus." Such publication is available only in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. Forthcoming collection of documents "Western Special Military District on the eve of the Second World War." Also, there was a collection of documents "Belarus in the early months of the Great Patriotic War", which was compiled in cooperation with Russian colleagues.

Ongoing records of all documents on the history of Belarus, which are stored elsewhere. There is a recovery program for a direct exchange of documents. Archival documents — it is the property of the state.

descendants must see documentary treasure of Belarus in full — archivists will make every effort for this.