Day of Russian insurer

6 October in 1921 started its activities Gosstrakh RSFSR. This date has been adopted as the foundation of insurance in Russia.

October 6th CPC of the RSFSR adopted a decree "On state property insurance", which marked the actual beginning of the further development of the state of property insurance in Russia. In all rural and urban areas provided for the organization of insurance companies and private households from fires, deaths of livestock, crop hail, and accidents on the roads of water and land transportation.

As part of the People's Commissariat of Finance was organized by the General Directorate of State Security (state insurance), on the ground were created urban and rural insurance agencies.

In the USSR, the objective conditions for de-monopolization of the insurance market have in connection with the law on co-operation, adopted by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR May 26 in 1988, which provided for the possibility of establishing cooperative insurance agencies.

During this period, began to create the first alternative system of the USSR State Insurance insurance organizations (ASCO, "Progress", "Russia" and others). This process is a logical extension of the approval by the Council of Ministers "Regulations on Joint Stock Companies Limited».

Later, when the formation of new insurance companies took on a mass character, the Law of the RSFSR "On insurance" ( 1992).

In February 1992, was formed by Russian insurance group "Rosgosstrakh" (the Russian state-owned insurance company), which is a successor of the RSFSR State Insurance. January 1 in 2010 on the basis of the territorial divisions of the ten insurance companies of the Group "Rosgosstrakh" was a unified federal company "Rosgosstrakh". It is estimated that at present the number of insurance agents is estimated at 65,000 people.