International days observing birds

During the first weekend of October on the planet celebrates the International Study Days birds. At that time, hundreds of thousands of people around the world go to the woods, parks, meadows, marshes, river and sea on the coast to watch the feathered in their natural environment.

This ecological event is positioned as a new form of recreation for the people of Earth. It first took place in 1993 at the initiative of the International Association for the Protection of Birds (BirdLife International). Today, the action involved hundreds of thousands of bird lovers from more than 100 countries worldwide.

The major objectives which are set by the organizers of this environmental event, two. First — public education — the desire to attract the attention of people to the world of birds and the conservation of their habitats. The second goal — research — getting fresh data migrations, allowing to estimate the number of different species of birds and find out how they travel.

The main task of the participants Days of observations — note on a special page of all met for a certain period of time feathered, and then send the result of "census" to national focal points. Observe and take into account the birds can be everywhere — on the streets, in a park, in the woods — the happy and engaged in different occupations, nature lovers and children.

It turns out that the results of such a mass simultaneous consideration of birds and have great scientific value. In many countries, even organize national competitions in which the winner is the one who was able to meet the increasing number of bird species and was able to take into account the greatest number of individuals.

Residents joined Russia to participate in the Days of observations of birds since 1995.