Day of the Criminal Investigation

5 October 2008 Russian Criminal Investigation 90 years. Russian spying in Tsarist Russia showed its importance and strength. In 1918, the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the RSFSR approved the regulations on the organization of the Criminal Investigation.

Central Criminal Investigation Department — Tsentrorozysk, was organized in October 1918. Since then, with the local police began to operate special units "to preserve order by undercover investigation of the criminal nature of the crime and the fight against gang violence." For many years, the service has evolved and improved.

Cid — one of the largest and most important units of the Interior Ministry. Service operatives are constantly linked with risk and dedication. Chases, shootouts, ambushes, meeting with the offender face to face — all this criminal investigator must be prepared daily, hourly.

Professionals Criminal Investigation disclosed annually, almost 70% of criminal cases — including more than 20,000 kills, more than 23 thousand robberies, 45,000 robberies, 130,000 thefts. In addition, criminal investigation officers each year searching for 70,000 missing persons and more than 120,000 criminals.

The priorities are preventing CID representatives of criminals in power structures, prevention of acts of terrorism, the fight against organized crime, the suppression of channels illicit trafficking in arms and explosives.