World Day to Combat Cancer

World Day Against Cancer (World Cancer Day) celebrated 4 February, — this is an annual event organized by the International Union against Cancer (International Union Against Cancer, UICC) in 2005. The purpose of this day — to draw public attention to this global problem, recall how dangerous and prevalent cancers now.

Every year, starting in 2008, designated a specific topic. For example, themes for 2008 and 2009 were, respectively, the words: "Making children and youth environment smoke-free" and "Encourage energy-balanced lifestyle based on proper nutrition and physical activity." The theme of 2010 were the words: "Get knowledge about vaccines against cancer-causing viruses (for example, a vaccine HBV)»; theme of 2011 — "To educate children and young people to avoid exposure to UV radiation emitted from the sun».

The theme of 2013 were the words: "Cancer. Did you know? "That reflected the need to debunk the myths and unfounded judgments about cancer, as well as secure a proper understanding of the problem and the implementation of preventive measures.

Cancer is — it is always a tragedy. But experts say that nowadays a well-known cause of cancer, and it helps prevent about one-third of new cases. Upon detection of the cancer in the early stages of a successful treatment is possible.

It's no secret that cancer is one of the leading causes of death around the world, and Russia is no exception. According to statistics, cancer patients in Russia in 2005 were considered to 2.3 million people, 1.75 million more than in 1995. In other words, each year cancers are detected in about 400-500 thousand people.

According to the World Health Organization, radiation therapy is required approximately 70% of cancer patients. On average, only 30% of patients in need of Russia receive radiation therapy.

But medicine is not static: the methods of struggle with cancer each year are improved, and maybe after a while there will be a vaccine against all forms of this terrible disease. But while doctors are advised not to neglect prevention, not abuse addictions and lead a healthy active lifestyle.

Recall that October 20 {holiday-celebrated 1628 Ukrainian} day against breast cancer {/ holiday}.