World Space Week

Week 4 to October 10 was declared World Space Week (World Space Week) UN General Assembly Dec. 6, 1999, in order to celebrate the contribution made by space science and technology to improve human well-being.

The dates bring back memories of events such as launch of the Soviet Union's first artificial satellite of the Earth 4 October in 1957 and entry into force October 10, 1967 Agreement on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space.

The idea to establish a World Space Week originated in the third UN World Conference on Space. In this forum, the Moroccan delegation put forward a proposal to proclaim on July 20 World Day of space, back to this date {event-Day landings in 1031} U.S. expedition to the moon {/ event}.

Offer Moroccan delegation was received very mixed. Most delegations expressed their support for the declaration of a special World Day of space. However, the date itself has caused widespread debate. The Russian delegation, which supported the idea in principle, however, could not agree with the date of July 20, as it is not quite correct and valid from a historical point of view. The Russian delegation, the space age in the history of mankind began Oct. 4, 1957, when the Soviet Union for the first time in the world, has launched the first artificial Earth satellite.

With this argument, the Russian delegation introduced an amendment to the Moroccan proposal offers 4 October as the date for the World Day of the cosmos. Russia actively supported by Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, India, Cuba, South Africa and some other countries. Some other countries have made a counter offer — mark this date on October 10, when the Treaty entered into force on space. A representative of the Federal Republic of Germany even offered to refer the issue to work out in the UN Committee on Outer Space.

In the heat of the debate has made an unexpected offer the delegate of Iran. He suggested not celebrate World Space Day, and World Space Week, which could begin on October 4 and end on October 10. Such an unexpected proposal was supported by the majority of countries, including Russia and, as it was based on two important for her date. The proposal for the World Space Week was supported unanimously by the conference participants.