World Animal Day

The decision to celebrate World Animal Day (World Animal Day) was made at the International Congress of member of the Nature Conservancy, held in Florence, Italy in 1931.

Date 4 October was chosen for the reason that this day is known as a Catholic feast day of St. Francis of Assisi (Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi, 1181/1182 — October 4, 1226), who is the patron saint of animals. Church services were held in many countries on World Animal Day, or October 4th, or the day closest to that date.

Animal protection societies around the world have expressed their willingness to annually organize a variety of public events. In Russia, this date is celebrated since 2000 on the initiative of the International Fund for Animal Welfare. World Animal Day is installed in order to raise public awareness of the need to protect the environment, enhance the activity of the protection of animals.

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In recent years, the event dedicated to the World Day of the animals are held in more than 60 countries.