Space Forces Day

Presidential Decree number 549 of May 31, 2006 "On the establishment of professional holidays and memorial days in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation" was established the Space Forces Day is celebrated every year on October 4.

Space Forces Day — a celebration of those who have dedicated themselves to the work on the creation of spacecraft defense destination, who is and has their launches.

This festival is dedicated to the Day launch of the first artificial satellite of the Earth, opened the annals of outer space, including the military. October 4, 1957 by military experts from the Baikonur Cosmodrome launched the world's first artificial satellite of the Earth, which has successfully completed the prescribed program.

Today, the Space Forces provide the aerospace defense of Russia, performing the task of nation-wide scale in the strategic interests of the Armed Forces and other security agencies, ministries and departments, the economy, social development, and to ensure its safety.

The current generation of military and civilian personnel of the Space Forces to keep and restore the glorious traditions of the veterans, shows professionalism and combat skill, remembering that the active space activities is a testament to its powers of economic, scientific and technological strength, the key to further development.

Performing space defense programs — the most important strategic direction of state policy in the sphere of national security. But the existence of the Space Forces — is not only one of the key indicators of the military power of the state. It is, first of all, the economic factor, the scientific development of the country and its potential in the field of high technologies.