International Day of the social teacher

Festival, which is celebrated today, is relatively young. In May 2009, held in Copenhagen XVII International Conference of Social Educators. The event was attended by representatives of 44 countries, including Russia. The conference was significant because it was her, it was decided to establish an International Day of the social teacher.

Recall that social pedagogy is the science that examines education in the context of socialization, that is, take into account the impact of the environment on personality. One of the functions of social pedagogy — to develop a system of activities to educate people the best way.

On the Day of the social teacher in various countries around the world themed events, mainly, professional conferences, forums and seminars. They discussed a variety of topics. Here are just a few examples: strengthening the role of the family in the development of society, spiritual, moral, social and political potential consolidation of Russian society, a healthy lifestyle and a problem of education of young people, the social conflicts and methods of overcoming them; informatization of society.

organize their activities and institutions of higher education that prepare social workers. Universities and institutes in scientific and methodological games, workshops and seminars, and the students prepare skits and concerts.