Sake Day in Japan

«Campa-a-ay!" — sure to hear you will find yourself in the company when celebrating the Japanese. "Kampai" can be translated as "bottoms up" or "drink dry", and you hear this appeal at all events before the first sip of sake, beer, wine, champagne, and virtually any other alcoholic beverage.

Today in the calendar — the Day of the Japanese wine (Nihon-shu-no Hi). For foreigners, a large number of which knows about this drink is not by hearsay, the name of the day can be simply and clearly translated as "Day of sake».

Immediately want to mention that day sake is neither a national holiday, no nation-wide public holiday in Japan. For all his love of the different types of sake, most Japanese people in general, and does not know and do not remember a day when it accidentally go down.

Sake Day was established by the Central Trade Union Meeting of winemakers in Japan in 1978 year as a professional holiday. It is no accident has been selected and the day October 1: the beginning of October a new rice crop matures and the wine begins a new year of winemaking. Traditionally, most wine companies and private winemakers begin production of the new wine from October 1, marking the beginning of the day of the new year wine.

The whole manufacturing technology sake you willingly and told in detail in any museum of sake (Photo: S. Fukuti, The process of making sake is very time consuming and long, despite the fact that many are now automated production. The main culture which is prepared on the basis of sake is, of course, the rice, which is fermented in a certain way by microorganisms (termed koji) and yeast. Excellent water quality — one of the most important factors to get a quality beverage. The percentage of alcohol in the resulting sake is usually from 13 to 16.

Almost every region in Japan has its own proprietary brand of sake, "made by technology, the secret of which we have only" on the basis of selected rice and water of excellent quality. Naturally, restaurants, pubs and bars will always offer you a large range of sake, which can be drunk either warm or cold, depending on your preferences and the time of year.

Everything is ready for the first test of sake in the new year. Macy folded slide on the right side of the table (Photo: S. Fukuti, Although professional holiday Day of sake and not a "red letter day" in Japan, of course, that the Japanese in the year a lot of reasons to shout "Kampai!" and enjoy your favorite drink, usually poured into small cups TECO (30-40 ml) from a small bottle with a capacity of about 1 (180 ml). And in the frosty New Year's days you will be poured into fresh sake square wooden containers — masu.

And in the end the story about the Day of sake — a few rules of "skillful and intelligent 'use of sake, the Japanese are trying to follow ... that, frankly, does not always work.

1. Drink a light and happy, with a smile.
2. Drink slowly, stick to your rhythm.
3. Get used to drink for a meal, be sure to biting.
4. Know your rate of drinking.
5. At least 2 times a week to arrange a "rest days for the liver».
6. Do not force anyone to drink by force.
7. Do not drink alcohol if you just drank the medicine.
8. Do not drink the "gulp", so do not force anyone to drink.
9. Finish the drink at the latest by 12 o'clock in the morning.
10. Have regular medical check-up of the liver.