Teacher's Day in Uzbekistan

Each of us has a teacher and a mentor. These are the people without whom we would not take place as a person, would not get the vital skills, knowledge and abilities. Thank these outstanding people can be in their professional holiday — Day of the teachers and mentors, celebrated in Uzbekistan on October 1.

This holiday is celebrated in Uzbekistan since 1997, according to the Decree of President Islam Karimov on December 27 in 1996.

In his congratulatory message, addressed to teachers and mentors, the head of Uzbekistan is praised their work. He said:

¬ęDear teachers and mentors! It gives me great pleasure to sincerely from the heart to congratulate you, generous, selfless and kind people who dedicated their lives to such a difficult and noble work as education of the younger generation, with a wonderful holiday — the Day of teachers and mentors.

... Our country has become a tradition widely and solemnly celebrate this glorious day — October 1 — as a national holiday. This is a clear evidence of the high respect and recognition of our people worthy of teachers and mentors, who did not spare his knowledge and experience, talent and skill, warmth, strength and energy, showing the best human qualities, with all my heart selflessly serve the cause of education and enlightenment.

Thinking about the teachers, of course, each of us, regardless of where and by whom the work, which is the title of recalls as the best time of my life school days, carefree childhood that left an indelible mark on the memory tests sincere feeling of respect for the teachers who gave not only knowledge, but also the lessons of humanity. "