Day of Social Protection in Belarus

Presidential Decree number 157 of March 26 year 1998 January 5 celebrated Day of Social Protection.

Help the poor, the appointment and payment of pensions and social benefits, single senior citizens service — these are just some tasks that constantly have to perform social protection to employees.

In the system of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security currently has 156 local social services centers, where registered consist of about one and a half million people. Moreover, in-home service covers more than 75,000 elderly and disabled citizens, including those in rural areas — more than 52 thousand people.

The country established a system of state social assistance, which helps to maintain the income of low-income people at minimum state guarantee. Carried out a social rehabilitation and adaptation of the disabled.

Also recently, the country has taken a number of drastic measures to improve the situation of the family. The current system of government benefits to families with children, in conjunction with other social payments, various benefits, tax deductions, provides direct financial support to families at birth and upbringing of children.