Day of the Army of the Russian Federation

Russian Ground Forces Day is celebrated October 1 by Presidential Decree number 549 of the May 31 in 2006 "On the establishment of professional holidays and memorial days in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation┬╗.

Russian Army at all stages of the existence of our country played an important and often decisive role in achieving victory over the enemy, the protection of national interests.

History of the Land Forces brings us back to the mid-16th century. October 1, 1550, a historic watershed event in the construction and development of the Russian regular army. On this day, the king of all Russia issued a judgment (decree) "On ispomeschenii in Moscow and the surrounding counties chosen by thousands of service people┬╗, which in fact, laid the foundations of the first standing army, who had symptoms of a regular army.

Army as the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation intended for combat operations primarily on land.

According to its combat capabilities, they are able to, in cooperation with other branches of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to conduct offensive to rout the enemy and the capture of its territory, to put fire strikes in great depth, repel an invasion by the enemy, his largest air assault , firmly hold the occupied territories, areas and boundaries.

In the Land Forces of the Russian Federation shall include the following combat arms: motorized infantry, tank, missile troops and artillery, air defense troops of the Army, Special Forces, military communications.

Land Forces of the Russian Federation are subject to The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. From December 1 in 2010 in Russia, according to Presidential Decree September 21, 2010 "On the military-administrative division of the Russian Federation", formed four military District: Central Military District, Southern Military District, the Western Military District, Eastern Military District.