International Day of Music

International Music Day (International Music Day) established October 1 in 1975 by UNESCO.

One of the initiators of the establishment of the International Music Day is a composer . The holiday is celebrated annually all over the world big concert program, featuring the best artists and arts groups. On this day, sound works, which were included in the world's cultural heritage.

But familiar with the music of mankind since ancient times. In the caves of Africa preserved cave paintings of long-extinct tribes. The drawings depict people with musical instruments. We'll never hear the music, but once she brightened the lives of people, made them happy or sad.

In 2000 Chinese archaeologists have discovered a museum of musical instruments, created 2,000 years ago during the Han Dynasty.

Music has tremendous power. In the world there are few people who are indifferent to music. Many composers have tried to express through her state of his soul. Their names are always great with gratitude will pronounce descendants. Music does not get old, it will live as long as there will be people.