Day Machinist

engineering — this is the basic sector of the economy of any developed country, the core industry, the most important branch of industry, its industrial and intellectual potential.

In the last Sunday of September marks sixth anniversary machine builders Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan.

say who drives a car, one falls in love with him all his life. Iron horses accompany the person all the time — and this is personal transportation, and social and agricultural. But already makes of cars and vehicles so much that it is impossible to list all and! They all exist because of the work of mechanical engineers.

Engineering — it's not just automobiles. This machine tools, equipment, and nuclear reactors and submarines, this spacecraft, vacuum cleaners and washing machines.

Day Machinist — this is a solemn and festive day for all workers and engineers, mechanical engineering industries. In this day and gala event at the plants, feast, celebration of veterans, concerts, competitions, gala performances.