World Day against rabies

World Day against rabies (World Rabies Day) established on the initiative of the Global Alliance for Rabies Control and celebrated annually 28 September. This date is intended to draw attention to the problem of the spread of the disease and its consequences.

Among infectious diseases rabies (another name — hydrophobia) occupies a special place because of the absolute mortality rate (if in the first few hours have not the infected person needs help, he will inevitably perish.) According to the Alliance against rabies worldwide every year 55,000 people die from rabies — or an average of one death every 10 minutes.

In Russia the situation is unfavorable for rabies, too: there is a rising trend in regions prone to epidemics of the disease in animals. The most disadvantaged areas are considered Southern and Central federal districts. All in all, the world rabies in more than 150 countries.

Meanwhile, today at the disposal of physicians are safe and effective vaccines that can halt progression of the disease in humans bitten by an infected animal. Immunization is made within a few hours after contact with an animal, can prevent death. According to statistics, every year the vaccines produced more than 15 million people. However, due to the high cost of medication is not available in many parts of developing countries.

As part of the World Day of experts to inform people about the consequences of rabies in humans and animals; tell us how easy it is to prevent and how to eradicate the disease in humans, battling with his agent in animals.