Day of the nuclear industry

Day of the nuclear industry established by Presidential Decree number 633 of June 3, 2005 "On the bottom of Nuclear Worker" and is celebrated annually September 28.

September 28, 1942 the State Committee of Defense of the USSR issued a decree "On the organization of the uranium" and approved the establishment of the Academy of Sciences of the special laboratory of the atomic nucleus.

Currently, the Russian Federation operates 10 nuclear power plants. Percentage of electricity produced at the plant reaches 15-16%. In the future (approximately 2030) is planned to increase this figure to 25%, that is, a quarter of the country's generated electricity will be produced at the plant.

Among the large Russian nuclear power plants — Balakovo and Kalinin NPP (the nearest to Moscow), the Kursk nuclear power plant, Leningrad NPP Novovoronezh and Smolensk NPP.

At present, work is underway on various power units Kola, Novovoronezh and from Leningrad NPP. In the Arkhangelsk region is building the first floating nuclear power plant.

The nuclear industry is considered one of the key strategic sectors of the domestic economy, the development of which is high on the agenda of national importance.

Over the past decade by several generations of scientists, engineers, highly skilled professionals in our country was a powerful industrial and technological base, which now serves as a reliable supply of energy security and defense capability of Russia.

Revision of the "Calendar of events" congratulates all Russian nuclear scientists with their professional holiday. We wish you continued growth of professionalism and only peaceful nuclear energy!