Teacher all day and preschool workers

27 September in Russia celebrated a new national holiday — Day of the teacher and all preschool workers.

The idea of ??this festival — to help the society to pay more attention to the kindergarten and preschool childhood in general. On this day the celebrations to mark the Day of pre-school educational institutions.

Pre-school age — particularly important and crucial period in the life of a child at this age, personality is formed, and the foundations of health. Thriving childhood and the fate of each child depends on the wisdom of the teacher, his patience, attention to the inner world of the child. With the help of their teachers preschoolers learn the secrets of the world, learn to love and cherish their homeland.

We congratulate all the holiday of pre-school institutions, who give every child the warmth of their hearts! We are confident that your kindness and pedagogical skills to make every day for the children in a kindergarten in a day of joy and happiness!