World Car-Free Day

Too many cars — not just a problem in big cities. This problem has long been a global one. After vehicle breaks down and the biosphere, and the man himself — it is estimated that every day the car is killing more than 3,000 people. And every minute are launched a new car-killer — such statistics.

At the same time the rate of production continues to grow: the car is in one of the first places among the most advertised products.

The tradition to hold Car Free Day (World Day Without Car) was born in 1998 in France. Then this day noted only about two dozen cities. But already by 2001 the movement has officially joined more than a thousand cities in 35 countries around the world.

Realizing that under current conditions to completely abandon the car just is not possible, the heads of cities and leaders of various organizations want to remind the public about the problems which carries with it the vehicle. At least once a year.

Major Cities of Europe in this day reduce the use of cars for commuting around the city in favor of the tram, trolley, bus, subway and other public transportation, as well as bicycle and walking away.

Recall that in 1908, the American engineer and industrialist Henry Ford began production of a new car model — Ford T. A year later, in 1909, was released on the first production car produced in Russia.