World Day of Russian Unity

21 September 2010 World Day of Russian Unity was celebrated for the first time. While this is an unofficial holiday, but the idea of ??celebrating the day supported by 24 countries.

Initiator of the unification of the day was made by Russian Union of Compatriots (ROSS) in Kyrgyzstan, who initiated the fall of 2009 established the International Initiative Committee "World Day Russian unity┬╗.

The idea of ??a new holiday was presented November 25 in 2009 chairman of the Federation and Chairman of the International Initiative Committee, Alexander Ivanov, at the II International Youth Forum" St. Petersburg and young countrymen: Bridges of cooperation in the XXI century ".

Participants were asked to support the initiative and sign the declaration on the proclamation of this day. Representatives of 24 countries became members of the International Initiative Committee and signed the Declaration, becoming the co-founders of the World Day of Russian Unity: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, USA, Turkey, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia.

World Day of Russian Unity was established in order to preserve the ethnic and cultural identity of the Russian people, positive national identity, combining Russian, Russian entire world of interaction between Russia and the Russian community, to preserve the ethnic, historical and cultural values, development, popularization of Russian language and literature as part of the world cultural heritage, as well as further consolidation in the interest of creating a powerful intellectual, economic, spiritual and cultural space in the Russian-speaking world.

World Day of Russian Unity marked by a number of important historical events in the life of the Russian people and Russia:

1. Foundation Day of Russia — the day of the call on the Vikings Russia — Russian union of tribes, the beginning of the reign of Rurik (862).

2. Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary — one of the major festivals celebrated by the Russian Orthodox Church.

3. Foundation Day in 859 of the city of Veliky Novgorod. In 2009 was celebrated the 1150th anniversary of the "father" of Russian cities.

4. Day of military glory of Russia — Day victory in the Battle of Kulikovo (1380) — the beginning of the liberation of Russia from the Mongol yoke, put the great Russian . In 2010 marked 630 years of the Battle.

International Initiative Committee encourages other community organizations — associations of Russian compatriots of the world — to join the signing of the Declaration.