Day of pharmaceutical worker of Ukraine

Day of pharmaceutical worker set by the Presidential Decree number 1128/99 from September 7 in 1999.

On the third Saturday of September more than 350,000 members of this branch of industry of Ukraine celebrate their professional holiday.

The population of Ukraine provided a wide range of drugs Ukrainian and foreign production. Ukrainian drugs are exported to 25 countries.

Currently, pharmaceutical companies produce drugs Ukraine almost all dosage forms (solid, liquid, powder). The main product groups are cardiovascular drugs, analgesics, vitamins, for the treatment of respiratory, endocrine and gastrointestinal systems, as well as antibiotics.

Promising area of ??pharmaceutical production in Ukraine is considered to be generic (in other words, Medicines produced after the expiry of the patent on the original product). Generics are known to be at a price much cheaper than imported counterparts. There are practically no original products that require significant financial resources and time to develop.

In the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine has about 10,000 pharmacies, more than 5,000 pharmacy items, 6,000 kiosks, almost a thousand drug stores, 7000 health-care institutions and a total of more than 5,000 pharmaceutical organizations.

In the neighboring state — the Republic of Belarus — October 15 {holiday-celebrated 1597} Day of pharmaceutical and microbiological industry {/ holiday}.