Inventor's Day in Ukraine

Every year on the third Saturday of September in the Ukraine celebrates the Day of the inventor and the Innovator, which is set in accordance with the Decree of the President ? 443/94 of the 16 August in 1994.

invention and innovation in the Ukraine regulates the Ukrainian Institute of Industrial Property — Ukrpatent (UkrPat).

On the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Rights to Inventions and Utility ModelsĀ» (? 3687-XII of December 15 in 1993), according to which the invention — it the result of human intellectual activity in any technology. The right to obtain a patent is the inventor or inventors who together have created an invention. But if the invention was made as a result of the performance of official duties, and the right to receive a patent for a service invention (utility model) is the employer of the inventor.

It is the inventor of the right of authorship, which is an inherent personal right and is protected indefinitely . The Constitution guarantees citizens the right to own, use and dispose of their intellectual property (Article 41).

As well as Article 54 of the Constitution guarantees the protection of the moral and material interests of the author. Every citizen has the right to the results of his intellectual activity.

Ukraine has doubtless achieve world-class innovation, including aircraft from the family of "Anov" nuclear technology Adamenko, technology stimulation of plant growth in agriculture Ponomarenko, as well as medical inventions — a way to fight cancer Zaviriukha and treatment of human vascular inoperable by Bury.

Inventor's Day brings together people of different professions and occupations, but they all must be endowed with a rare gift of creativity, a sense of the new, the ability to expand the boundaries usual and go beyond stereotypes.