International Day of Peace

For most people, planet earth world — is an everyday reality. Our streets safely, our children go to school. Where the foundations of society are strong, the priceless gift the world can anyone in particular and not be noticed.

But for too many people in today's world, this gift — no more than a myth. They live in chains, in an atmosphere of insecurity and fear. For them, the principal and there that day.

In 1982, in its resolution, the General Assembly proclaimed the International Day of Peace (International Day of Peace) as a day of global ceasefire and non-violence. Since then, the festival is celebrated annually September 21, millions of people are involved, covering many countries and regions. It is designed to get people to not only think about the world, but to do something for him.

UN uses the celebration of the International Day of Peace, to draw attention to its versatile work for peace and to encourage individuals, groups and communities throughout the world to understanding the problems of the world, exchange of information and practical experience to achieve it.