International Film Festival " Golden Orange " in Antalya

International Film Festival "Golden Orange" — the oldest and well-known film festival in Asia and the most important event in the field of Turkish cinema. The festival, known in Turkey Oscar national film industry, is held annually in late September — early October in the resort town of Antalya. It is organized by the Foundation of Culture and Arts in Antalya (AKSAV) with the support of the mayor.

Laid the basis of the festival concerts and theater performances, which were held in Antalya in the historical Aspendos Theatre in the mid-1950s. These celebrations were very popular with the residents of the city, and eventually acquired a tradition, and later they developed into a film festival "Golden Orange", when, in 1963, the late Avni Tolunay (one of the organizers of the festival), becoming the head of the mayor's office, took him under his wing.

First Film Festival "Golden Orange" was held in 1964. His main task was proclaimed support and development of Turkish cinema, encouraging domestic producers of films and promotion of Turkish cinema to the world level. In 1978, the first time the festival has become international. Prior to 1985, he was held under the patronage of the Mayor of the city of Antalya, then in charge of the festival has become a Foundation of Culture and Arts.

Today, the festival "Golden Orange" a huge event with a worldwide reputation, annually attracts hundreds of filmmakers and film lovers just from many countries.

The symbol of the festival — Orange (which not only appears in the the coat of arms of the festival, but also gives the name of the event) — the main Mediterranean fruit, along with the sea, the statue of Venus and other historic elements of the region.

During the event, the film shows first-run, represented by directors from different countries. Fashion belts are held in several theaters of the city, as well as at many sites in the open. In total, the festival holds screenings of more than 150 works by renowned and emerging filmmakers.

Figurines "Golden Orange" International Jury The festival consists of artists and cinema. The jury should not have anything to do with the product of any films presented at the festival. The jury determines the winners in the following categories — Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Music, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Cinematography Camera, Best Art Director, Best Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Video Editing, Best Makeup and hairstyle Top Computer Effects, Best Costume Design, Best work with sound. Also at the festival a few special awards are given to the jury and awards from critics movie Eurasia.

The winners of each category receive an award statuette "Golden Orange", which are divided into 3 classes. Figurines first class — of pure gold and coated with gold statues of the second class — from gold to silver, and the third class — from gold to copper. On the statues of all classes of the festival emblem golden orange is made of gold. The most important category also receive a cash award.

International Film Festival "Golden Orange" — is not only cultural, but also a social event, guests who at various times were the stars of world cinema. Therefore, during the festival also hosts workshops of famous directors, meetings with famous people, all kinds of exhibitions and concerts.