Secretary's Day in Russia

Officially professional holiday secretaries in Russia. But in 2005, the initiative group of secretaries of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Taganrog, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk and Perm, as well as the editors of "Sekret@r.RU" decided to correct this injustice. Masters of the scorer's case suggested that a holiday — Secretary's Day — and to celebrate it on the third Friday of September.

Most Russian entrepreneurs have no doubt about the need and importance of the profession secretary. The secretaries have long passed out of service personnel in the category of responsible administrative staff to ensure the smooth functioning of the office smoothly.

Think about how many times a day you have to go to the secretary as their invaluable assistance in finding information, working with documents, and even in the banal offer a cup of tea or coffee.

According to some reports, in Russia about a million secretaries, office managers and assistant managers, and all of these people work for 8-12 hours a day to the rest of the employees to work comfortably.

And in the recent past, in the 19th century, Russia ranks collegiate secretary and secretary of the Provincial occupied, respectively, 10 and 12 seats out of 14 possible in the Table civilian officials. In contrast to today, the secretaries at that time were presented very small requirements: "Yes we do not need no education, write correctly, that's all ...ยป () .

By the way, in different countries, Secretary's Day is celebrated at different times. In the U.S., there is a whole week of office workers — the last full week of April, and the Secretary-Day holiday week is Wednesday. In South Africa, Secretary's Day celebrate 5 September.

Recall that International Day of the Secretary celebrated on Wednesday, the last full week of April.