Day recruiter in Russia

matter how unfamiliar and unpronounceable not have the word "recruiter" (English recruitment — recruitment, recruitment), Day recruiter unofficially celebrated in Russia for more than 10 years. In 1991, in the newspaper "Izvestia" published an article on the activities of HR-American Agency. Then the author of the article for the first time used the word "recruiter", describing the methods of recruitment in one of the large U.S. personnel agencies.

Recruiters — a truly unique people, it is this profession combines a deep knowledge of human nature, enterprise , stress, analytical mind, and commitment. Recruiter can only become truly strong and successful man, is a profession on forces units.

After 10 years, September 20 in 2001 several recruitment agencies of Russia , Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine for the first time celebrated the Day of the recruiter.

In recent years, the recruiter's Day has become a significant social event, during which the staffing industry professionals share with the community of interesting and useful information on the situation on the the labor market.

An integral part of this festival is to conduct seminars, consultations on employment, roundtables, lectures and press conferences.

It is worth noting that to date, as long as no public university is preparing recruiters. This profession as a specialist search and selection of personnel, yet in the registers of the Ministry of Labour. However, it is safe to say that the staffing industry in Russia is working, competitive and brings significant results.