International Bat Night

In the night from 20 to 21 September in the world has one of the most unusual environmental events — Night of the bats. Its main purpose — to draw public attention to the problems of bats and their protection, as well as to debunk the myths surrounding the animals, before which many people experience unjustified superstitious fear, considering them vampires.

In fact, bats — amazing mammals, which, due to their structure, have mastered the art of flight. Four long finger of strongly developed forelimbs support wing. The long narrow tail equal to the length of the head, also covered with the flying membrane. Fingers hind legs with claw-free membrane: their bats clinging to the branches and ledges, hung upside down.

Tom that bats are nocturnal, there is an explanation. They have very poor eyesight, adapted only to the darkness. But the bat great sense of smell and hearing to help hunt and navigate in space, as well as the unique ability to echo sounding, which apart from them have only dolphins.

Bats are found everywhere except the polar regions and the highlands . And all of them are safe. The exceptions are vampire bats with big and sharp teeth, living in Latin America and feed on the blood of small rodents, birds, and occasionally — and livestock.

Today many species of bats are As to the brink ischeznoveniyaChto bats living in Russia and Europe, they should not be afraid. All of them — insectivorous animals. Moreover, bats are even beneficial, since destroy many harmful insects, which are also active at night and during the day escape the attention of birds.

Many bat species are on the verge of extinction. The problem is particularly acute in recent decades, due to the felling hollow trees (which is in the hollows of the majority of these animals find shelter), using various chemicals (bats die after eating "poisoned" of insects) and persecution by humans — from basic literacy and prejudice.

There is international agreement on the protection of bats, signed by a number of countries. The holiday itself bats originated in Europe. These days, in many European countries, lectures, exhibitions, and seminars on the protection of animals, and a festive night excursions, during which you can see the secretive animals. The forests are hanged special houses, nest boxes. In Russia, the first night of bats took place in 2003.