International Day of imitation pirates

International Day of imitation pirates (International Talk Like A Pirate Day ) is noted in more than 40 countries. This is a very happy holiday, when people imitate talk of pirates, and while some fans even dress up in pirate costumes.

The idea of ??creation and so to say, the concept of this festival belongs to Americans John Bauru (John Baur) and Mark Summers (Mark Summers). One day — June 6 in 1995 — playing, they presented themselves pirates, using pirate slang conversation.

And that's when the question arose: "And Why not hold an annual day pirates when people could freely swear swear words, carry weapons and bandanas, to arrange the shooting competition, etc.?┬╗.

Initially, it was decided to approve the June 6 for the Day pirates, but, as you know, June 6, 1944 dates the Battle of Normandy, or "Operation Overlord┬╗.

Instead June 6 Baur and Summers chose September 19 for annual Day of imitation pirates (according to one version, this date — the birthday of the former wife of Mark Summers). Prior to 2002, pirate day did not attract wide attention, but, thanks to the article Dave Barry (Dave Barry), found out about the event and the event in a short time has found many admirers. Gradually, the tradition of celebrating this special day spread to Australia, Canada, England.

prerequisite to the adoption of a pirate gang is the knowledge of pirate slang, such as "hell", "damn you" and the like.

special interests pirate tales, history of shipwrecks in the day to discuss the literature of the pirates follow directions, listen to the pirate theme, dance, wear equipment with a skull and crossbones and simply having fun as a family, company or friendly together with colleagues at work.